Kent BLK4 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush (Small)


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Kent BLK4 is filled with silvertip badger hair, features imitation ebony handle. Kent Brushes manufacturer is world renowned for the exceptional and long lasting quality of shaving brushes. Silvertip badger is the most luxurious hair out of badger hair selection. The brush features a tight knot filled with a high density silvertip hair that allows superior water retention.

If used with a proper shaving cream or soap, a nice rich lather will form.

The brush comes in a luxurious storage case, with gold pin stripe detailing. Every Kent BLK Silvertip series brush comes security sealed.

Approximate Dimensions
Knot diameter: 21 mm
Handle height: 50 mm
Total height: 105 mm

Made in United Kingdom.

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